The Couple Project

We, Nathan and Kelli, started “The Couple Project” in 2019. Our goal is to learn how to improve our relationship.

With a secondary goal to share what we learn, with you.

Who are we? Husband and Wife. Married at 19. Recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. In the process of raising 8 children (5 left at home).

“The Couple Project” has a specific theme for each month. During that month we study that theme, create specific goals, and then exercise our couple muscles to become stronger.

We also write a weekly newsletter where we share anecdotes from our lives, as well as quotes and information from the books and articles we have been studying.

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"A United Marriage: 5 Biblical Principles to Ponder"

Our goal is to create, and help you create, an amazing marriage.

We (January) — Unity is key in a marriage. Are we each in our own boat trying to keep up or are we in the same boat working together?

Creating a Couple Bubble to Strengthen Your Marriage  Forgetting Is Okay, But Remembering Is Best  The Guiding Principles for Our Relationship  “Wired for Love” - Book Review 

Love Languages and Acts of Love (February) — Learning how to really love your spouse, in a way that they understand.

What We Learned About Acts of Love  “The 5 Love Languages” - Book Review 

Communication (March) — Being able to communicate effectively, and argue constructively, with each other allows everything else to move more smoothly.

Stay Connected Through the Day  Stop Arguing About The Past, Discuss The Future  “It Takes Two To Argue” Is A Toxic Thought  Saying “No” Is Vital To Honesty  Your Spouse Isn’t Evil  Ideas for Reducing Defensiveness in Your Relationship  “Being Wrong” - Book Review  “Dare To Lead” - Book Review 

Sex (April) — Really enjoying, and gaining the benefits, of sex in your marriage.

Say Yes, Enjoy Sex With Your Spouse  “31 Days to Great Sex” - Book Review 

Values, Dreams, and Priorities (May) — Pulling together, moving towards the same goals, makes your marriage unstoppable.

Take Care of the Little Things  Decluttering  How we are making family more important than food  The Lie of Multitasking 

Faith and Forgiveness (June) — Learning to have faith, and learning to forgive.

Your Spouse Isn’t Evil

Enjoying Life (July/August) — We all need a little fun and excitement.

Take Time For Romantic Getaways

Children and Thirds (September) — Children, extended family, and friends are important, but secondary to our spouse.

Growth (October) — A strong marriage requires two strong individuals.

Course corrections are normal  A Few Keys to Gaining Knowledge  6 Ideas for Creating Lasting Habits  Three Routines That Have Improved Our Life  Four Ideas To Improve Your Sleep  Acceptance of Our Emotions is Key to Progress 

Gratitude (November) — Gratitude allows you to see everything in a better light.

Choose to Be Grateful for Your Spouse  Why I Am Happier With Fewer Clothes 

Money (December) — You need money in this world, and that requires earning and managing it effectively.

“The Wealthy Barber Returns” - Book Review  Learning to Spend Money Efficiently 

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The purpose of “The Couple Project” is to learn more about what makes a strong marriage or relationship. We share what we are learning, which ideas we are trying, and which ideas helped improve our relationship. We realize not everything that works for us will work for you, but we still hope you will find our journey valuable.

Buy our book!
"A United Marriage: 5 Biblical Principles to Ponder"