Take Care of the Little Things

Years ago, I started to get regular sinus infections along with earaches and headaches. I would go to a doctor, they would give me nasal sprays or antibiotics, and that would fix things for a little while, and then it would all return. I got super annoyed with this cycle and it took a serious toll on my energy levels which then affected other parts of my life as well. After years of this, I learned something that changed my life. I created a new habit. Every morning when I shower I simply clean out my nasal passages. Nothing invasive, just while I am showering and the air is humid, I blow through my nose and maybe do a little spitting to clear out the back of my throat. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have a cold, it doesn’t matter if nothing is bothering me, just make sure it is all nice and clear. That's all. I haven’t used a nasal spray again in years. I no longer get sinus infections, and I find I even get colds less frequently.

I am not saying this as medical advice. I am just saying this worked for me. The bigger part of this for me though was the realization that sometimes the best way to fix a problem, is to just not let it start in the first place.

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How do I keep my room clean, by not dropping clothes on the floor. How do I keep the kitchen counter clean, by not leaving my spoon or the milk sitting on it (even if I may come back for another bowl of cereal). How do I keep my bank balance healthy, by not buying things that put me in debt. How do I not have big fights with my spouse, by regularly talking about things before they are significant.

This simple idea works amazingly in most areas of my life. I am not saying I don’t sometimes ignore things and they get out of control, but I know that often the best solution to problems is to deal with them before they are even problems.

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"A United Marriage: 5 Biblical Principles to Ponder"