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Our Current Focus

This is our /now page. This page is meant to help us maintain our focus on this site and in our lives. We also hope that sharing our focus will help you as the reader and maybe keep us a bit more honest with ourselves.

Here is what we are currently focusing on:

Healthier Lifestyle. We are trying to figure out how to live and feel better. We are specifically focusing on habits that improve our diet, fitness levels, and sleep patterns. We are trying to not focus on our bathroom scale. Over the next few months expect a number of posts on our blog on this topic.

Two new habits we are currently working on:

  • Leg lifts. Each morning immediately after our morning stairs, we are trying to do 30 seconds of leg lifts.
  • Bedtime routine. Each night at 9 pm we are trying to review our schedule and then get to bed by 9:30.

Website. We are trying to better understand how to write in a way that is meaningful and helpful to our readers and hopefully as a result increase the number of readers we have. You can help by subscribing, sending us feedback about our articles, and asking any questions you might have, or by sharing our articles with your friends. Thank you.

Kelli & Nathan

Last updated on Aug 9, 2020

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The Couple Project is an attempt to learn more about what makes a strong marriage or relationship. We will be sharing what we are learning, what ideas we are trying, and which ideas seem to help us. We realize not everything that works for us, will work for you, but we still hope you will find the journey valuable. Please subscribe to our newsletter. We are also hoping to learn from you, so share your stories and ideas with us. We would love to hear any questions you have, and we will try to answer them all.