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From Our Lives

This week we purchased a yummy treat to share. It smelled and looked delicious. We were both excited about our plan to share it together. At some point though one of us gave into temptation and snuck a bite. They immediately knew that what they had done wasn’t right, felt bad for doing it, but then they made the second and worse mistake, they decided to try to hide their mistake instead of just owning up to it.

Trust is a key part of a relationship. It is what allows us to fully relax in the relationship because we know that the other person is looking out for us. That they will never purposefully do anything to hurt us. And that even when they accidentally hurt us they will do everything they can to learn from that situation and repair it if they are able to.

Often the simplest solution is the best, when we make a mistake, admit it and apologize. Allow ourselves a path to fixing the problem. When we try to hide our mistakes we end up building walls between us that get in the way of the relationship. Which do we really care about most: an extra treat, our pride, or the other person?

The Couple Project

“By tracking and reviewing our expenses, we have reduced our monthly spending by almost $1,500 a month. When you pay attention to where your money is being spent, it's much easier to see where you have been foolish. Small improvements compound over time, until, before long, you'll find you're spending your hard earned money far more efficiently than you realized was possible.”

— From our newest article: Learning to Spend Money Efficiently

What We Have Been Reading

“The key is to understand that no matter what happens, you can choose your response, which dictates pretty much everything that happens next. Truly, the greatest weapon you have against anxiety, negativity and stress is your ability to pause, breathe, and choose one present response over another—to train your mind to make the best of what you’ve got in front of you, even when it’s far less than you expected. Yes, YOU CAN change the way you think and respond. And once you do, you can master a new way to be.”

Marc and Angel's Newsletter from April 13, 2021

“Economy is the art of making the most of life. The love of economy is the root of all virtue.”

George Bernard Shaw

“Only by getting into the routine of self reflection and making time in your day to think for yourself can you come up with solutions just waiting to be discovered inside yourself.”

4 Simple Introspection Steps That Will Boost Self Awareness

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