Better Together: How I say “I love you”, and being a better me.

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1. the Grant Study, a 75-year-long Harvard research project on human development

From Our Lives

Yesterday as I was helping my husband make cookies I squeezed his butt. A simple gesture of “Hey, thanks for helping me make cookies, I love you”.

He loves it when I touch him. Putting my arm around him when we are in public, a hand resting on his leg while we are driving, or a little squeeze of the butt around the house. Nothing big, just simple physical gestures to let him know I notice him. He will often look at me when I do this and give me a smile and say something like “Thanks, I needed that”.

Saying, “I love you”, to our spouse in ways that they appreciate, throughout the day, is one of the best ways to build and maintain love, trust, and intimacy in a relationship.

What We Have Been Reading

“Trust is the glue that holds everything together. It creates the environment in which all of the other elements — win-win stewardship agreements, self-directing individuals and teams, aligned structures and systems, and accountability, [and marriage] — can flourish.”

Stephen Covey

“You don’t have to be defined by the things you once did or didn’t do. Don’t let yourself be controlled by regret. Maybe there’s something you could have done differently, or maybe not. Either way, it’s merely something that has already happened. Leave the unchangeable past behind you as you give yourself to the present moment.”

25 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Time On

“You can’t just wake up one day as a different person. That’s not how life works. You must DO different, and then you’ll become different. Every single morning when you wake up DECIDE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE.”

Mel Robbins

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Now, go give your spouse a hug and tell them you love them!

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