Level Up!

Have you ever played the type of a video game where you start out as a character with inferior stats and then as you continue to play you are able to upgrade your armor, your weapon, your vehicle, or various other things that can help you in the game. Life is very similar. When we start our abilities are limited, but as we go through life we can increase our knowledge, our strength, our experience, our financial resources, the people we know, the habits we have, and as these things improve, we open up opportunities to increase the amount we can accomplish in a day.

  1. You may start out doing low value work:
    • Embrace this work, become the expert.
    • Use this as an opportunity to build confidence in yourself.
    • Use it as an opportunity to impress others.
    • Use it to build momentum.
  2. Don’t accept this state! Keep working to improve:
    • Take opportunities to try something new, stretch yourself.
    • Find mentors.
    • Spend time learning (courses, books, etc).
  3. Simplify (create space for doing more):
    • Train and delegate. Hire subcontractors. Expect more of your children, your co-workers.
    • Build up your delegation muscles.
    • Find those things that don’t “really” need to be done and stop doing them.
    • Be ruthless. If you have a high value item that you don’t have enough time for there must be something of lower value that you can stop doing or delegate, or maybe that high value item isn’t really as high of value as you think.
  4. Repeat.

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The process outlined above is not something that will change your life immediately. Instead, consistently living this process, year by year, line upon line, is what will make a world of difference in your life. These changes may be hard to see, but if you watch closely (write in a journal), over time they will slowly but surely appear.

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"A United Marriage: 5 Biblical Principles to Ponder"