Instant Pot Dinner

Cooked chicken fried rice on plate


  1. Add desired meat (shrimp, cubed beef, etc) with a very small amount of water to instant pot.
  2. Add cubed or sliced potatoes and carrots as desired to a steamer basket in instant pot.
  3. Turn on instant pot to pressure cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Release pressure from instant pot.
  5. Add more tender vegetables as desired (beans, bell peppers, onions, etc).
  6. Salt and pepper as desired.
  7. Turn on instant pot to pressure cook for 0 minutes.
  8. Release pressure as soon as instant pot finishes.
  9. Eat!

Notes: Depending on the size and types of vegetables you may need to adjust the length of time you cook these for. We generally find that with the meat, potatoes, and carrots getting double cooked like this they are all reasonably tender, but not mushy. Similarly the other vegetables getting a single pass in the pressure cooker they are also reasonably tender without being mushy. In total this only takes about 20 minutes to prepare and results in a tasty, healthy meal. Enjoy!

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