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Minimalism, to us, is the idea of putting the most focus on the things that are the most important to us, and this ability is enhanced as we remove everything else. Here are some of our articles exporing this topic:

Why I Am Happier With Fewer Clothes

Worrying too much about clothes actually reduces the joy I gain from them.…

Our Battle With Executive Functioning Challenges

The ability to pay attention, stay organized, control…

Four Ideas To Improve Your Sleep

From the time we are born, sleep is a critical part of our…

Three Routines That Have Improved Our Life

We recently wrote about creating lasting habits. One of the tools…

5 Ideas for a Simpler Kitchen

My kitchen used to be a mess. Dirty dishes were occasionally left on…

Expenses from January 2020 to June 2020

The year is half done so it is time to share how our expenses…

How we are making family more important than food

What should we eat tonight? This is a question that I have…

Average Monthly Expenses - 2019

We are currently on a journey toward financial independence. In the…


Decluttering, minimizing, dejunking or cleaning no matter what you…

Chest Freezer Organization

Freezers, especially chest freezers, can become a dark hole where…

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